Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Life since Grandpa came to visit. :)

A lot has happened since the last post and I don't think I can even attempt to remember all of the events, but I'll share a few thoughts on what got us to Elko. : )

Rudy and I talked for a long time about how we were going to accomplish some of our goals that we set when we first married. We have gotten through quite a few, but there were some that we just didn't know how we were going to get them accomplished. We joked about a lot of different scenarios, but didn't actually think that any of them would pan out. We started joking... and it was really only a joke! around Father's Day that we should move to Elko, live with my parents, have Rudy work somewhere, and have him go to school at the local community college. I think we got this absurd idea after a conversation I had with my mom. A few weeks later Rudy asked me, "So... when are we moving to Elko?" I laughed and said, "you're kidding right?" Then we didn't really discuss it anymore until Jarom was about to be born and I was getting ready to go on maternity leave. Rudy kept saying he wanted me to stay home with the boys and I kept telling him there was no way we could afford it. Especially now that there was going to be two little boys. I told the attorney I worked for that I would most definitely be back and that we had no plans of me not returning as that was the case.When I was on maternity leave, Rudy came home for lunch one day and got on the Wells Fargo jobs listing and found they had an opening in Elko. My mom was visiting us as Jarom had been born that week and Rudy asked if he should apply for the job. I said sure... "Mom. you'll let us live with you if he gets it right?" Not thinking he would really apply or truly be interested in moving as we have a house... with a pool, we both hate the cold, and we each have a sibling that lives within 15 minutes of us. Well... He wasn't kidding and he had a phone interview that went really well and they basically promised him the job and then we found out that he was overqualified and that he didn't get the job, but that they had referred him to the other branch in Elko where they had more positions available that they thought he would be better suited. That interview didn't go as well and Rudy thought for sure he didn't get the job. About 15 minutes after finishing that interview they called him back and told him he was hired and they wanted him to start in 3 weeks... 2 if possible. So we hurried around like chickens with our heads cut off to get the house packed, cleaned, and rented. I quit my job and Rudy quit his.
    Now we live with my parents and I get to stay home with our two very adorable boys and Rudy gets to work at the bank where he loves dressing up everyday and getting to work inside! We love being here and are grateful my parents let us move in with them. Below are some pictures that we've taken since the move... Be prepared for picture OVERLOAD! Haha! p.s. they're NOT in any kind of order or by date. I let Blogger pick the order.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Grandpa came for a visit!

Grandpa Norton came for a visit last week!

Grandpa & Jonathan

Thursday, October 27, 2011

6 weeks

Can you believe it has already been 6 weeks since this little guy joined our family? He has been an absolute joy! And we are so lucky to have him.

He is quite the entertaining sleeper. One day when I got out of the shower this is how I found him in his pack 'n play.

On his 2 week birthday I couldn't take it anymore... He had a mullet growing and his hair was growing in his ear and his bangs were starting to curl. So after his bath... I cut it.

Since he was born he has had many exciting adventures...

Playing with Uncle BJ

Playing with Aunt Ruth

Playing with Aunt Mara

Playing with Aunt Randi & Uncle Cassidy... I think they're ready for baby Alden!

Playing with Aunt LaWayne

Sorry... I could have sworn that I had one of them together. I guess I need to make sure we get one the next time she comes to visit!

Playing with Grandpa Norton

Playing with Dad

Playing with Mom

Playing with the ducks

Going to the hospital:

Last week Jonathan had a fever that was over 100 degrees for about 3 days. We thought it could be a reaction to his shot he had recently gotten, but the fever didn't really die down. I took him to the doctor last Monday and she informed me that in babies under 2 months you need to take them straight to the ER because that kind of fever means an infection of some kind and since babies can't tell you where it hurts, they have to test for it. This was an awful experience! I asked BJ to go with me to the hospital as it was a Monday and Rudy had to work and BJ has almost all Mondays off. He was a HUGE help! We went to the hospital by his house and there they informed me that they didn't have a pediatric unit, but he would need to be admitted. They would run the majority of the tests there, but then would need to transfer him to another hospital that has a pediatric ward. Some of the tests they did included giving him a catheter, drawing blood, and doing a spinal tap. The spinal tap was the hardest. BJ had to use himself as a shield so I couldn't see what they were doing. Every time Jonathan would cry or make a sound I would go into a large crying fit. I think this was worse than when he got his circumcision. We ended up staying 3 days in the hospital waiting for all of the cultures to come back. The only thing they found was an elevated white blood cell count in his urine, but the culture grew nothing so they decided it was a virus. It was torture watching them poke and prod my little man.

I was so happy when they finally said we could go home. I think Jonathan was too!
He is feeling and doing great now! He's back to his normal self and is gaining weight like no other. Even with a 3 day stay in the hospital he managed to gain weight. When he was born he weighed 7 lbs 12 oz... now 6 weeks later he weighs 11 lbs 3 oz.

And special thanks again to BJ for taking our family photo!